• Watch MEGADETH Perform In Tilburg, Netherlands
    on August 19, 2017 at 19:38

    Fan-filmed video footage of MEGADETH's August 15 performance at 013 Poppodium in Tilburg, Netherlands can be seen below. MEGADETH recently completed a North American tour with MESHUGGAH and will play arenas later in the year as the support act for German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS. MEGADETH is planning on returning to the studio at the end of the year to begin work on the follow-up to 2016's "Dystopia" album. The band's upcoming effort will mark MEGADETH's first release to feature new drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who officially joined the group a year ago. MEGADETH was honored with in the "Best Metal Performance" category in the pre-telecast ceremony at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, which was held on February 12 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. MEGADETH was nominated for "Dystopia", the title track of its 2016 album. "Dystopia" was the first album to feature Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA. […]

  • LAMB OF GOD Will 'Probably' Incorporate More Clean Vocals On Future Albums
    on August 19, 2017 at 19:18

    LAMB OF GOD bassist John Campbell told The Salt Lake Tribune that he felt trepidation the first time he heard the title track of last year's "The Duke" EP. The song marked only the second time in the band's history that frontman Randy Blythe used "clean vocals" — actual singing rather than growling or screaming. "They played it back for me and said, 'Hey, I just wanna tell you something — Randy's singing on this.' And my heart dropped — I've heard him singing on the bus, just goofing off, and it's not good! But obviously, that's just him joking around," he said. "So my heart sank, I was a little nervous, and then the track came on and I was completely blown away. He completely nailed it and effectively used that in his palette for doing vocals." When asked if more LAMB OF GOD songs down the road might also feature clean vocals, Campbell replied: "There is no telling, but I would imagine yes, probably." The bassist acknowledged that some LAMB OF GOD fans "still have a hard time with [it]. But we're always trying to evolve and come up with new ways to present heavy music," Campbell said. "Not that it gets boring, but, you know, we don't want to go out there and play the same songs every night, or play the same set and have every song be exactly the same. It's nice to have some different emotions, some different dynamics to the set." Blythe made his LAMB OF GOD "cleaning singing" debut on "Overlord", a track that appeared on the band's 2015 album "VII: Sturm Und Drang". "I figure we're about eight records deep at this point so if I wanna try my hand at some clean singing, I can," Blythe said of "Overlord" prior to the record's release. "There are a lot of people that are gonna be mad about it, but fuck them." Randy told VH1 in a 2015 interview that recording "Overlord" was "the most fun I've had in the studio in a long time. Because, dude, sitting there screaming for four to six hours a day, that shit hurts your head," he said. LAMB OF GOD's tour with SLAYER and BEHEMOTH kicked off on July 12 in Bemidji, Minnesota and will run through August 20 in Phoenix, Arizona. Blythe recently told the "Sixx Sense" radio show that it will be "time to take a break for real" after the completion of LAMB OF GOD's current touring cycle and "concentrate more on writing and being at home with the family." […]

    on August 19, 2017 at 14:14

    DEAD CROSS, the Southern California outfit featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, MISFITS) and singer Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE), played snippets of cover versions of SLAYER classics "South Of Heaven" and "Raining Blood" during its concerts in Las Vegas, Nevaada (August 11) and Houston, Texas (August 15), respectively. Check out video footage below. Lombardo was effectively fired from SLAYER after sitting out the band's Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other members of the group. He has since been replaced by Paul Bostaph, who was previously SLAYER's drummer from 1992 until 2001. The self-titled debut album from DEAD CROSS, which is rounded out by bassist Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, RETOX, HEAD WOUND CITY) and guitarist Michael Crain (RETOX, FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER), was released on August 4 via Ipecac Recordings. The effort was helmed by producer Ross Robinson, who has previously worked with KORN, DEFTONES, SEPULTURA and LIMP BIZKIT, among others, and was mastered at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California. Patton told Rolling Stone that he got involved with DEAD CROSS after reaching out to Lombardo to see if he could release the band's album on Ipecac. After getting a text from the drummer asking him to join the group, "my jaw dropped," the singer said. "I was like, 'Who, me? Hmm …' And I think it took like all of 30 seconds, but in a sarcastic way, I'm like, 'Yeah, of course. I can do this. Are you sure you want me?' So I kind of second-guessed him a little bit. And he said, 'Man, you'd be our dream vocalist.' And then it was just a matter of logistics. I decided to record it here in my basement, which is fitting. It shouldn't sound too polished." Regarding DEAD CROSS's musical direction, Patton said: "To me, it is a traditional hardcore record. It is very pointed, direct and visceral. Like, I wasn't going to play keyboards, add samples or any kind of orchestration. It was like, 'Yo, just go for it.' In some ways, it reminded me of stuff that we had collectively all grown up with and loved when we were like teenagers — bands like the ACCÜSED, DEEP WOUND or SIEGE, stuff that was just brutal, uncompromising and right to the point. I was listening to all those bands again before this came to be, so it was already back infused in my blood. And now I got a chance to do a pencil-in-your-eye record." […]

  • Watch Front-Row Video Footage Of GUNS N' ROSES' Buffalo Concert
    on August 19, 2017 at 13:42

    Quality fan-filmed video footage of GUNS N' ROSES' August 16 concert at New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York can be seen below. The 2017 North American leg of GUNS N' ROSES' "Not In This Lifetime" tour kicked off July 27 in St. Louis, Missouri and includes eleven newly announced dates in cities across the U.S., including Newark, D.C., Hartford, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, Sacramento, and San Diego. They have also added a second stop in Toronto, and third dates in both New York and Los Angeles. GUNS N' ROSES recently made Forbes magazine's "Celebrity 100" list of the world's top-earning entertainers for the first time. The band landed at No. 12 with earnings of $84 million in the past twelve months, before taxes and fees for managers. Last summer's North American leg, which featured 25 stadium shows in 21 cities, grossed a whopping $116.8 million with over one million tickets sold. The "Not In This Lifetime" tour features classic GUNS members Slash on guitar, Duff McKagan on bass and Axl Rose on vocals, backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and second keyboardist Melissa Reese. GUNS kicked off its long-rumored and long-awaited reunion trek in April 2016 with a club show in Hollywood and appearances in Las Vegas and at California's Coachella festival. […]

  • SLAYER Joined By BEHEMOTH's NERGAL For 'Evil Has No Boundaries' Performance (Video)
    on August 19, 2017 at 13:09

    BEHEMOTH frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski joined SLAYER on stage during the latter band's soundcheck prior to their August 17 concert at Kettlehouse Amphitheater in Bonner, Montana to sing the SLAYER classic "Evil Has No Boundaries". Video footage of the performance can be seen below. Nergal stated about the experience: "'Evil Has No Boundaries': that's the song my affair with SLAYER has begun ages ago. I must have been eight or nine years old, I guess, when I heard it on a pirate cassette. Didn't know much of an English language so we would sing whatever we hear. And the word EVIL reminded us how PIWO (beer) sounded phonetically! We would fuck around and sing 'PIWO!!! PIWO!!! PIWO!!!' instead until years later when we realized its meaning. The word EVIL would eventually be the key word to define my whole career with the band on so many levels and beyond. When I told that story to [SLAYER guitarists] Kerry [King] and Gary [Holt], they were, like, 'Let's do it! We are in!!' I already knew the lyrics by heart and here I am... sharing the stage with one of the best bands on the planet in one of my favorite songs! Dunno how I'm gonna top it, but that's not the case now. Living the fuckin' dream and enjoying the fuck out of it." SLAYER's six-week expedition with LAMB OF GOD and BEHEMOTH kicked off on July 12 in Bemidji, Minnesota, and will conclude on August 20 in Phoenix, Arizona. Asked what it has been like for BEHEMOTH to open for bands like SLAYER and LAMB OF GOD on the current tour, Nergal said in a recent interview: "It's good to be back in that position where you have nothing to lose. You are exposed in front of people who probably maybe heard about you, and there are some of the BEHEMOTH fans, but the majority is SLAYER and LAMB OF GOD fans. And you are there to fuck… You enter the stage like a hungry wolf and you have nothing to lose and you just fight for it — you know what I mean?" He continued: "We are very violent and aggressive — I'd say more than at the regular headlining shows, where we are more in the safety zone: 'Okay, this is our headlining show. We are comfortable.' You know what I mean? We are, like, 'This is our people. Of course they're gonna scream for us. Of course they're gonna buy merchandise.' So it's good to go to the position where you must fight for it or you're gonna be missed out. And it's a very redefining position; you've gotta go back and see how it is, where you started, and you always start from scratch. It's a pretty exciting start." "Evil has no boundries". That's the song my affair with Slayer has begun ages ago. I must have been 8 or 9 years old I guess when I heard it on a pirate cassette. Didn't know much of an English language so we would sing whatever we hear. And the word EVIL reminded us how PIWO (beer) sounded phonetically! We would fuck around and sing "PIWO!!! PIWO!!! PIWO!!!" instead until years later when we realised its meaning. The word EVIL would eventually be the key word to define my whole carieer with the band on so many levels and beyond. When I told that story to Kerry and Gary they were like: Let's do it! We r in!!! I already knew the lyrics by heart and here I am... sharing the stage with one of the best bands on the planet in one of my favorite songs! Dunno how I'm gonna top it but that's not the case now. Living the fuckin' dream and enjoying the fuck out of it??? @slayerbandofficial @paulbostaphofficial A post shared by Adam Nergal Darski (@nergal69) on Aug 17, 2017 at 3:07pm PDT I'm one lucky fucker. Not only I get to share stage with legends but also happen to be friend with @drandallblythe who is not only a charismatic frontman but also highly skilled photographer! More photos from him coming soon... Thank u buddy!? @slayerbandofficial @lambofgod A post shared by Adam Nergal Darski (@nergal69) on Aug 18, 2017 at 8:22pm PDT […]

  • Watch MARTY FRIEDMAN's Entire Houston Concert
    on August 19, 2017 at 12:44

    Fan-filmed video footage of former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman's entire August 16 performance at Scout Bar in Houston, Texas can be seen below. Friedman's new solo album, "Wall Of Sound", was released on August 4 via Prosthetic Records. Produced by Friedman, engineered by Paul Fig (GHOST, RUSH, ALICE IN CHAINS) and mixed by Jens Bogren (KREATOR, OPETH, SEPULTURA), the isc "expands and destroys any conventional notions of instrumental music," according to a press release. Legendary QUEEN producer Mack came on board to handle the mixing on two tracks, "Streetlight" and "For A Friend", which Friedman proclaimed was "an honor for me, for sure." Friedman said last year about the musical direction of the follow-up to his 2014 album "Inferno": "This time it's even more ambitious than that album was, a bit more dense, and, with any luck, more exciting for those of you who will hear it." He added: "There will be elevent or twelve songs in total. Sometimes a song you really love doesn't make it to the album because it doesn't fit nicely in the sequencing. Either way, we're pushing sixty minutes, so it won't be a short album." Marty's new CD was recorded in part at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 in California with engineer Paul Fig (ALICE IN CHAINS, RUSH, DEFTONES) and was previously described by Friedman as "a way more intense version" of its predecessor: "deeper, sadder, happier and more aggressive." Like "Inferno", Friedman's new album features several guests, including prog-thrashers MUTOID MAN, Jørgen Munkeby of the Norwegian avant-garde jazz-metal outfit SHINING and Jinxx of Los Angeles theatrical rockers BLACK VEIL BRIDES. Regarding how the collaboration with Jinxx came about, Friedman told Guitar World: "I'm a big fan of Jinxx and BLACK VEIL BRIDES. He came to my show in L.A. in 2015. Right after that, I was told that he plays violin. I didn't even know that! Then light bulbs went off. I thought now's the chance to really turn some heads by doing something that's a little bit, well, a lot, unexpected to my fans and his fans." […]

  • THE HAXANS Feat. ROB ZOMBIE Bassist, NEW YEARS DAY Singer: 'Party Monsters' Album Due In October
    on August 19, 2017 at 12:23

    THE HAXANS, the goth-pop-infused power duo featuring Ash Costello (NEW YEARS DAY) on vocals and Matt Montgomery (ROB ZOMBIE) on vocals and guitar, will release its debut album, "Party Monsters", on Friday, October 13 via Another Century Records. The music video for the track "Lights Out", taken from "Party Monsters", can be seen below. Costello states: "For years we have felt like mad scientists, secretly working on our music hidden away from everyone else... and we are so excited to finally share our creation with the world! "I genuinely love what we have made and cannot wait for you to hear it! "We are two weirdos that hope we can call upon all the rest of the weirdos in the world to join in on our fun." Montgomery adds: "Finally it's party time! We figure after a few years of building this Frankenstein in the garage, we should let it get out and walk around a little. Maybe someone will try to beat it up, maybe someone else will fall in love with it. Who knows? But it's out there and it's loose, and you never know where it will turn up! "This record is a party for everyone else like us. The cover, the songtitles, the energy and the colors of this record are going to pull together an amazing cross section of people. It's just everything we like and celebrate every day, but amped up to eleven! It's got a kids-jumping-on-the-bed-while-the-parents-are-out-of-the-room feeling to it to me, which is kind of what this record was for us." Montgomery previously said that the "secret ingredient" behind THE HAXANS was "having two people that are on the same wavelength. You're painting with the same colors. We've got the same color palette. We're, like, 'Purple?' 'You mean this purple?' And we go, 'Yeah, that's exactly the purple [we were looking for].'" […]

  • THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD To Release 'Disomus' Album In October; 'Hate The Living' Single Streaming
    on August 19, 2017 at 11:49

    THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD has released new single titled "Hate The Living". The track is taken from the band's new album, "Disomus", which will be released on October 13 via Entertainment One Music (eOne) / Good Fight Music. "We really poured our souls into this one," says THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD guitarist Justin Longshore. "The wait is over. All hail the 'Disomus'." "We are extremely excited to get this record out to everyone," adds bassist Jake Ososkie. "It was a lot of work getting this together and the final product is something that we think old fans and new fans will love." "Disomus" is the long-anticipated follow-up to THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD's last LP, "Skepsis", which came out in 2010. The new disc marks the second consecutive album with vocalist Danny Rodriguez and drummer Michael Ranne (a first in the group's impressive history) together with longtime bassist Jake Ososkie and founding guitarist and songwriting engine Justin Longshore. "Disomus" doubles as the studio introduction of new guitarist Steven Funderburk (also of WRETCHED, LILLAKE) and the return of original vocalist Anthony Gunnells and his successor, Nate Johnson, via strong guest appearances, bringing THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD full circle. The cover art for "Disomus" was created by THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD's longtime visual collaborator Paul Romano and can be seen below. "Disomus" is the medical term describing an abnormal fetus with two bodies but one head. The album's subject matter includes the tale of a man buried alive by a cult ("Obitual"), a dark magician's creation of a malignant entity via sacrificial killing ("Haruspex"), underworld spirits doomed to roam the earth ("Dismal"), the Styx River of Greek myth ("Vortices In The Stygian Maelstrom"), the themes of the "Alien"/"Prometheus" film franchise ("Teras", alternately named for an abnormal fetus with two heads and one body), and the real-life tragedy and horror discovered by Rodriguez, a Chicago police officer, when called upon to check on the well being of an elderly person who lived alone ("Till Solace, She'll Haunt"). "Hate The Living" is not only the name of the first track on THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD's first album in seven years, but part of a battle cry of sorts that has adorned the band's t-shirts for years. The second half of the phrase is "Love The Dead." Like the best of death metal's past, present, and future, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD is the kind of band that makes living with death worth loving. "Disomus" track listing: 01. Hate The Living 02. Obitual 03. Haruspex 04. Of Mortals, We Once Were 05. The Binding Nightmare Hex 06. Vortices In The Stygian Maelstrom 07. Ignis 08. Teras 09. Till Solace, She'll Haunt 10. Disma […]

  • GRAVE PLEASURES: 'Be My Hiroshima' Video Released
    on August 19, 2017 at 11:35

    Finnish post-punk quintet GRAVE PLEASURES has released the official video for the song "Be My Hiroshima", taken from the band's upcoming sophomore album, "Motherblood", due on September 29 via Century Media Records. "Be My Hiroshima" is available as a single on all streaming and download platforms and also as an instant-grat track on iTunes and Amazon. GRAVE PLEASURES vocalist Mat McNerney explains: "'Be My Hiroshima' is our love song for the apocalypse. The video is taken from our cover art by Tekla Vály. Images of Kali, the mother who sits on top of the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth (and her consort Shiva who is the destroyer and transformer). As the dawn of man begins to draw to an end, it is her blood that we have shed, and like the sands of time it spills out. We are sacrificing our mother, and eating her flesh and drinking her blood. This is the eucharist which represents our extinction. Within her womb we are born and we are born to die there. It's an endless love affair with death. A love like motherblood." "Motherblood" was recorded in an old WW2 coding bunker at Orgone Studios in the U.K. by Jaime Gomez Arellano (GHOST, ULVER). It picks up where '80s U.K. bands such as MAGAZINE, THE WIRE and ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN left off, but never stopping long enough to look back too much into the past. Featuring guest vocals from David Tibet from CURRENT 93, the band sets the tone for their eclectic inspirations, from the esoteric underground of England's hidden reverse to Manchester's sound of misery. Formed out of the ashes of BEASTMILK, GRAVE PLEASURES features the writing talents of Mat McNerney (HEXVESSEL, BEASTMILK, CODE, DHG) and Juho Vanhanen (ORANSSI PAZUZU, ATOMIKYLÄ). The follow-up to 2015's "Dreamcrash", "Motherblood" is a truly danceable, contemporary pop-feast of raw, banging, gothic tribalism. Dance-floor death-rock that brings to mind glimpses of Bowie's Berlin era, KILLING JOKE (whom they toured with recently) and their underground past as BEASTMILK. Just about every part of this record bleeds menace, or emanates nuclear fumes. It's unsafe territory which in turn makes it thrilling, sexy and most dangerously of all, catchy. "Motherblood" embraces GRAVE PLEASURES' apocalyptic roots while taking their raw sound and songwriting to fierce new heights. The disc's cover artwork was created by Finnish artist Tekla Vály. GRAVE PLEASURES is: Mat McNerney - Vocals Juho Vanhanen - Guitar Aleksi Kiiskilä - Guitar Valtteri Arino - Bass Rainer Tuomikanto - Drums […]

  • Listen To New LIONIZE Song 'Fire In Athena'
    on August 19, 2017 at 11:04

    Maryland-based rockers LIONIZE have released a new single, "Fire In Athena", from their forthcoming full-length studio album titled "Nuclear Soul". "Fire In Athena" follows "Blindness To Danger", and both tracks are available now for instant download and streaming. About the song, LIONIZE's Nate Bergman explains: "'Fire In Athena' is very important to us right now because of the socio-political climate in the U.S. at the moment. The song was inspired by a neighborhood in Greece called Exarcheia. "In 1973, a violent clash between a brutal dictatorship came to ahead when tanks crashed through the walls of the Polytechnic Art College in the neighborhood — killing students who were peacefully protesting and existing as artists. There were massive riots and the neighborhood became a symbol of art, freedom and unity. To this day, the police, army and major corporations including banks are not welcome in this place. Everywhere you go in the blocks of Exarcheia is music, art, dancing, drinking and people living freely. We learned about the history of this place that dates back to the 1860s when the first uprising happened within the city limits." He continues: "The song was written around the time of the U.S. presidential election and we started to see the danger in the rhetoric that was being spewed about causing high tensions across our country. "In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, the band feels the song sends a message of hope and strength and ultimately tells the story of an uprising and a call to arms for those that believe in peace, love and music. "Spending time in Greece really inspired the band to examine what our version of democracy really is and how is compares to several other countries we've been to on tour." Due on September 8 via The End Records in digital, CD and LP formats, "Nuclear Soul" follows the band's widely praised 2014 album "Jetpack Soundtrack" and continues their ever-maturing sound. It's emotionally-driven and steeped in introspection, with subjects ranging from the end of times to heartbreak within the industry. Recorded locally in Maryland, production has been handled by CLUTCH's Jean-Paul Gaster with J. Robbins and LIONIZE. "Nuclear Soul" track listing 01. Darkest Timeline 02. Face Of Mars 03. Fire in Athena 04. Power Grid 05. Ain't It A Shame 06. Election Year 07. March Of The Clones 08. Let You Down 09. The Mad Scientist of Sunshine 10. Nuclear Soul 11. Blindness To Danger […]

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